About Us

Peridot was formed in 2019 by Highly Professional Team of people, each of them having 15 to 20 years of experience in Telecom and IT products and also having worked for India’s leading Telcom providers from their inception in the early 2000. Our other Core Team Members are all well seasoned and experienced in the field of IT and Telecom, having worked in some of the leading Telcos in the market. Peridot wishes to use its experience and expertise gained in one of the most challenging telecom markets of the world to come up with products and solutions to benefit mankind.

As stipulated by the UN, connectivity is a human right as well as the cornerstone of economic progress.  Peridot focuses on bringing voice, text and broadband data services to remote, hard–to–reach communities.  Our solutions provide an affordable answer to connectivity in scenarios where other solutions are not cost–effective or reliable.